Wizard of Speaktoit Review

Tired of Siri? There is a new Virtual Assistant in the city and is as innovative, intelligent and functional as its counterpart.

Siri has been the integrated iOS go to virtual assistant for some time, but to become the client even more tends to have some - but mild - problems of depersonalization. Speaktoit promises to rectify this by offering users a completely interactive experience using natural language technology to answer questions, find information, follow basic commands and connect the user with a network of several web services including Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and more.

IMG_1650IMG_1655The ability to customize Wizard gender and appearance of their own choosing is a definite advantage. Unfortunately voice by default of the wizard becomes mostly female, and I had to update the premium package to change the voice to match it with the fresh image of my new Assistant. My favorite feature has to be the ability to translate the English into a whole number of languages (Yes, you can even do this!) and so far I have tried to get it to translate some basic words in Spanish and Japanese, of which I pay me two huge thumbs.

Sometimes, such as the virtual attendees, you stumble over words and not understood what it is said - therefore, resulting in some interesting actions. But for the most part, Speaktoit is very intelligent. I managed to call my friend without problems and the search for images of cats. Trying to come to understand that my mother wanted to text it was a completely different story, and kept a misunderstanding the content of my message. Over time, I think that it could be exceptionally smart in realizing all the finer details.

IMG_1652IMG_1646As a bonus, for whom updates for the Premium package believe that there is the ability to teach the wizard to react in a certain way to improve their efficiency. The Premium package price is decent too, the total cost of $5.99 (price introductory, subject to change) so there are a lot of reasons to make this guilt-free one-time payment. Better still, Assistant Speaktoit is cross-platform and has his client through different devices; including smartphone, tablet and notebook, as well as being multilingual in several languages.

By the amount of tasks Speaktoit can be achieved and much that promises it can do so, without doubt begins back Siri right out of the water. The user interface is extremely easy to navigate, and for those who want to receive additional help, just touching the bulb will provide the user with a list of skills that Speaktoit already knows how to carry out. It is a no-brainer, and no cost for the basic package there is no reason to hold on testing.

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