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My grandmother is an amazing person which, unfortunately, is that they come at the end of his days. This is my story of how an iPad was able to help her a little.


I'm the type of person that my family comes with any technology or game related question. By my soon-to-be career worldwide, probably already have heard questions related silly computer I can think; as my parents worry about your email into your Yahoo! email account I deleted when I return to reformat your computer my uncle calling me to tell me how this site saw in an infomercial to clean your PC. Each facepalm, clear to the discerning, was due to the lack of knowledge of computers and technology.

So when it came to my grandmother - who is old and frail, and not in the largest health, they need an update of your old Mac book this year, I suggested candidly goes to an iPad rather than a new computer. It asked, "why?" my family, "How can a Tablet replace a computer?" To which I gave a brief summary of all the reasons that happened to me with to justify the purchase of a $500 against a MacBook Tablet $1200. Size of the iPad, weight, cost and ease of use were all crucial to my argument for the iPad versus another laptop.

Me with my grandmother at my wedding in 2010.I with my grandmother at my wedding in 2010.

Finally won out in this debate, thus beginning a kind of experiment to see if my father mother could adopt a touchscreen mobile device. For many in our age group, the idea that someone may have problems with an iPad sounds almost absurd. But keep in mind that this was part of a family that was verbally instruct by phone on how to start Skype on your MacBook.

The first steps of a baby from this experiment were to submit it to popular applications, such as the iPad, Safari and Facebook email interface. Facebook took great strides in 2013 to make your mobile application to have almost all the features of the version of the browser based. Was even able to help you figure out how to hide messages from a distant relative who could frequently post about Justin Bieber and much had spent on clothes. My grandmother is fine as well.

hqdefaultThen was up to showing its various forms of entertainment in the device. Now, this amazing woman still has two SD TVs, so an iPad with its Retina display is by far the best visually striking display in your home. I showed him your various video applications; like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and even lesser known as Voodoo. Because I also try with iOS games consistently, I presented some simple but fun games, I thought that it might be interested in trying. Two of them, which appeared to catch with it, were games that I thought that some of the games of 2013:4 best but highest Thrones and FlowDoku.

However there have been a couple of challenges in this adventure, as someone who goes from the known to the unknown can be a little intimidated. My grandmother had trouble trying to find out the e-mail address, which serves clients based on browser. However, have been able to present to the wide range of applications of Google is available in iOS, merging the worlds of Google and Apple in one. She found the email client of Google very useful for their needs, as well as Google Drive, could thus send its things like wedding photos of the event, which took place about 3 years ago. In addition, I could presented you with Skype IOS so could see my sister's wedding, as well as the application of TED Talks so she could see the various topics covered.

apple-ipad-29There were also problems for my grandmother more adept at using the keyboard on the screen. Luckily the keyboard on an iPad is relatively large with easy to read buttons, especially in comparison with any Android device. Also responds perfectly to the touch, with little or no question responding properly. Once he learned to adapt to using a touch screen not only replace the mouse but the physical keyboard as well as things seemed much easier.

The farm I spent a lot of time on as a kid at my grand parents.Farm spent much time in as a child in my grandparents.

My grandmother means everything to me, and it is absolutely devastating to know that she is coming to her last days on this earth. But the notion that could help simplify your life a little more makes me feel a little better. Helping to get a device that his fragile body will be able to handle the creation of him and showing how to use some applications that were similar to what she was using on a MacBook, I feel as if my grandmother has a great computing device, an amazing means of communication with the outside world and something that will help improve your general life; regardless of how long or short that is. The technology has many applications beyond business, entertainment or anything else. Sometimes it is as simple as using it to help those who they love.

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