Skull Legends HD Review

On paper, the idea of first-person shooters crossing and Tower Defense seems rather curious. Running, things work much better that one can imagine.

Who knew that the Tower Defense genre was so versatile? It has been merged with brawlers, strategy in real time, and now first-person shooters, all with an eye toward adding diversity to an established contrary gameplay formula. New FPS/Tower Defense title of PlayShore skull legends expected that skeletal undead armies are as susceptible as cannonballs to a bow and an arrow. Fortunately, this is a couple made in heaven mutilation undead. Err devil. Purgatory?

IMG_0220Although a Tower Defense shooter sounds like a strange combination skull legends shows that it not only works, but it can really bring the best of both genres. Tired of having to divide attention between screen enemies? Drop a turret and allows you to manage all the opponents on one side of the map. A pawn sick straggling slipping through the cracks of an impenetrable defense otherwise? Use a bow to pick them, one by one. These are just a couple of examples of why this hybridization work so well.

As with most titles of Tower Defense, all the enemies of power to the player following a clearly defined series of roads within the environment. There are many different types of enemies - all of which are derived from the family skeleton - essentially consists of different levels of armor. Base campaign consists of twenty-four stages, over which just be repeated several times because of a failure. It is true that the name of the game is trial and error. Still in the credits of the game that more failures of mission they can be attributed directly to a mistake made by the player, not a trick designed to intentionally derail a stage.

IMG_0217Everything about skull legends manages to do good, it tends to be monotonous when it played in large doses. Using slight variations of the same tactics again tends to scratch in patience, even if the experience is still fun. Moreover, offering only six different types of Tower seems a bit stingy.

Despite its name seem more generic fantasy imagined novel, legends skull manages to deliver a campaign of a solid player who still has room to grow. Even those who have tired of the rigmarole of traditional Tower Defense found that parts of first person shooter will help build on the detractions most associated with the genre. Download this title would be well spent $2.99.

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