Review of Hall 2

Bigger, better, stronger, room two is an outstanding sequel first equally exceptional game.

A year after the runaway success of the original room, we find a new set of puzzles in the appropriately titled the room two. Do you can cope with the exceptional quality of the original, though? Well, Yes. It does exactly that.

It is necessary that I write more than that of course, but fans of the original should stop here and immediately begin to download the room two. It is everything one would expect of a good sequel; building on what worked so well for the original.

theroom29Of course, the room two not so much surprised as his predecessor but that is practically all that - without a doubt - lacks. This time around, instead of having to deal with the individual layers of the same box room two offers multiple boxes to unlock and open. Added to the flexibility offered by this game, feeling less claustrophobic but keeping atmospheric.

The effect of layers is still there anyway, with many of the puzzles becoming jigsaw puzzle. A case does not require a simple solution; on the other hand one take many different approaches they need. It is a concept that was provided in gently with a satisfying sequence from the beginning which involves bringing together a model ship.

While the room two feels like a subject relatively quiet and cerebral, that does not prevent that contains puzzle that involves firing crossbows or lasers - but less said about the sheer depth of the puzzles better. It is a title better approached cold, instead of knowing what is around each corner.

theroom26As before, the room two treads the tightrope between too easy puzzles and frustrating head-scratchers. A series of tips that unlock time aid after paving the way for the most inexperienced of the puzzle players remaining discreet for those who want to go it alone.

That's the beauty of the room two: was launched as well. It's the kind of game that gets into the brain of the player, leaving them to think about how to solve something even when not playing. That is a sign of an elegant game, this is definitely.

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