Might & magic: duel of Champions update adds new expansion of five towers with 80 new cards

Might Magic &: duel of Champions update allows players to use any card in each deck creates. It also receives a new expansion called five towers that adds 80 new cards, a new type of card and buildings. Buildings are used to provide creatures with new skills on the battlefield.

"Our community has been asking for the ability to add a card across multiple platforms and we are happy to say that with this next update, it comes in only two days, now it will be possible. As with card physics games, where players can exchange their cards from a deck to another, players duel of Champions now can use the same cards in each deck creates. We hope that this feature be useful in the use of epic and neutral cards and reduce the amount of players cards should be in your collection, "said Samuel Jobin, live producer of the game, in a press release.


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