Batman: Arkham origins allows you to decide what will happen masquerading as clean to Gotham

Behind Batman (well, technically is just beginning) in a comic prequel new for the iPad. Batman: Arkham origins - to DC Comics multiverse graphic novel takes place just before the start of the exploits of its console brothers and follows Mr. Wayne as he tries to clean Gotham City the only way who knows how: by kicking people.

Arkham origins is not simple digital comic, however. It is actually one of the special DC multiverse stories. What does that exactly? Well it's basically a Batman choose-your-own-adventure, complete with animations, sound effects and background not less music. Readers may make decisions that read along; some of which may even bring a premature end to the Dark Knight.

A preview of the first chapter of Arkham origins is free sample, with the rest available for $0.99. If you are interested you can continue paying for each new chapter that goes on sale, or even in advance for the rest of the collection (total 8 numbers) for $14.99.


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