Touchgrind Skate 2 Review

Jump back on the Board with one of the best games of Skate.

The original Touchgrind was one of the first games in the App Store that truly use multi-touch controls to your potentital. Since then, many games have continued to use virtual controls, not really taking advantage of its platform. However, the illusion Labs is back to show these MCs sucka just what about the wonderful Touchgrind Skate 2.

TouchgrindSkate2-2The game has been reborn in 2013 as more as the games Tony Hawk Pro Skater that grinds players skate around for a various environments skatepark - and stringing together tricks like spins, flips and edge. There is an extensive tutorial that has players seeing how to carry out various manoeuvres, with the possibility to go back and return to see and try out the individual sections in case it is necessary to practice more. Once in the actual games players can play a second 100 mode where they get the most points in that period, or a better line mode where a string of tricks in a short period of time can be tried with the aim of achieving the highest score line. This mode is endless, with players able to keep playing until they get a score they are satisfied with.

Touchgrind Skate 2 has a learning curve defined it as that it is almost not tapping a button to jump and holding a joystick to turn. Learn how to use fingers and its particular location on the Board, to be features that even the most subtle movements can have a large effect that cheating is being carried out, where the Board is going to go, and if it will be a lucrative combo. It's dominate when fingers must be off the Board both as when you are in it. Will need time to master even perform ollies correctly, but works well will begin to pass. Perhaps that an impressive trick can be removed accidentally, but soon the understanding of how and why and the time needed to carry it out, everything will be clear. It's tremendously gratifying. And really makes sense think fingers like legs, less the greater effect of gravity which will have real legs!

TouchgrindSkate2-3There is also a multiplayer mode based on shifts where the players try to score more points in 30 seconds, starting from the same position. Although it is actually two people playing 30 seconds and comparing their different careers, still fun and forces players to work quickly, so that is a challenge of its own. In the worst case scenario is a good fun. The game is available on the iPhone and the iPad, and it is a compromise between the two platforms: iPad provides a greater field of view, but the iPhone version is a little easier to play because the Board is larger than in the smaller screen.

Yes, this game requires practice and will take a bit to make it truly makes sense, but when it does, it can be something really fantastic. Tired of games with virtual controls? Then it's time to grind.

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