Tiny Death Star: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Published:1:43 pm EST, November 15, 2013| Updated:2:21 pm EST, November 15, 2013|
By Elton Jones

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"In a galaxy far, far away..." That last sentence started off an epic universe that spanned several galaxies and countless movie theaters.

The Star Wars franchise has prospered for years in several different aspects of media. Now all those awesome characters and spacecrafts you've seen in the films have been downsized and been given the 8-bit treatment in Tiny Death Star. This mobile strategy game commands your building expertise as you try to keep your Death Star afloat.

With these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats, you'll rule the galaxy with a cute (yet still mega powerful) hand of evil.

Tiny Death Star Tips

Modojo.com noted that at the beginning of the game, you should make a concerted effort to convert your Bux into Credits:

There's only one occasion where we recommend converting Bux into Credits using the game's rather poor currency converter, and that's at the very beginning of the game. Before you do anything else, upgrade your elevator one level so you can zip around the Death Star, dropping off passengers, much more quickly. If you must use this system again, go for the maximum conversion - you get more Credits per individual Bux this way.

Tiny Death Star Tips

When you have a good amount of floor space available in your Death Star residency, build a healthy amount of apartments on those floors. Three or four apartment \s should suffice. You'll have more rooms to offer to workers and more of those high-level visitors once they arrive. You have a better shot at keeping better workers if you implement more living quarters.

Tiny Death Star Tips

Your Bitizens need to be spread out accordingly for all the jobs that make up the majority of everything that's going on within your Death Star. There's no need to leave a bunch of workers on one job if you don't even have a large gathering of workers anyway. If you're low on workers, then keep at least two of them on a single job at a time.

Tiny Death Star Tips Tricks

Once you have a healthy amount of floors and available rooms ready for all the visitors who frequent your Death Star, you'll notice that some of those visitors have some great statistics/perks. These folks will award you with more money if you take 'em in, so always keep an extra room open for them if possible. Some of the Bitizens that take up residence at your Death Star may not be worth the effort of keeping around. Kick 'em out and move in those money making folks for a much improved worker output rate.

Spending your Bux on all the different tasks that make up the production of your Death Star is always a viable method of play. However, make sure you offer some bucks towards your elevator's growth when you have the money available. Do this as soon as possible so you can pick up and transport way more passengers than before. Plus the faster your elevator is, the more Bux you'll gather as you take care of all of your intergalactic customers.

If you don't want to spend that REAL currency you have lying around, then save up a good amount of Imperial Bux. You'll need to use these bucks as you come along all those cool characters variations that true Star Wars nerds will be enamored with. There's Droids, Bounty Hunters, Men/Ladies of the Rebellion, Rebel Heroes/Aliens, Outer Rim characters,

Gamezebo.com listed some tips on folks who want to build up their inventory if they're willing to kill some time:

Stock According to Your Own Time – If you're stuck on a subway for hours thanks to a tunnel fire or whatever, go ahead and stock lower-tier items since they restock quickly and you'll be around to refill orders as necessary. If you can only pop in on the game for a second, stock higher-tier items. They take a long time to refill, but you'll know for sure that you can simply press "stock" next time you play and start selling right away.

Your Tiny Death Star is going to be packed to the rafters with a slew of famous and not-so-famous Star Wars characters. There will be instance where you'll have to search out for an honored guest or some rebel scum within your Death Star. When you're given these missions, all you have to do is tap on the floor they're on to locate them. CONGRATS! You just earned some Bux.

Modojo.com also offered up some advice to players who have too many business, but a slightly smaller amount of available workers:

Got plenty of businesses but not enough workers? Concentrate your workforce on those areas of the business that have the most valuable stock to sell - and make sure each one is maxed out with workers. Then you can start filling out the less profitable shops in the stack.

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This goes without saying, but make sure you constantly upgrade your Death Star and all of its proceeding floors. The more you upgrade, the more free Bux you'll gain. UPGRADE UPGRADE UPGRADE! And may the Force be with you...

If you have any extra tips and cheats you'd like to contribute to fellow Tiny Death Star players, throw them in the comments section!

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