Strike force heroes: review of extraction

SFH:e implements a system and several exciting game pieces to make it a truly unique and action-packed endless runner.

Strike force Heroes: extraction begins like any other endless corridor. Players must touch on the left side of the screen to jump and hit the right to shoot. But mission three, developers do something incredibly simple and totally innovative: introduce a system.

20131122-002608.jpgVirtually invisible in the endless corridors is the ability to stop, rest and plan the next move. It is a simple tactic, but it makes a big difference in how he approached this game. This was not a case of running until he faltered; I really felt that I had control over how things went, and is a welcome change.

SFH:e is composed of 30 missions (with more to come), each involving a star rating system based on completion of level, the speed and the successful collection of secret information. There are also a few pieces hand - shootings with helicopter pursuing – that each adds an extra excitement, urgency and variety to the game. This is a game that constantly will keep players on their toes.

There are several unlockables - of an arsenal of weapons to a small army of playable characters, each with their own advantages and shortcomings. The death-defying a survival mode and a mode Free Run weapon less to contend with, SFH:e provides players with too much content to keep them occupied.

20131122-002517.jpgOne thing yes I found frustrating, however, is just how easy that is to give a cornice incorrectly after a mistimed jump. It is very cruel, particularly as faster characters ensure that the players have less time to react. It could be worse, since the game compensates by putting only players back a few meters up to his life of the bar with the time reaches zero.

All in all, Strike Force heroes: extraction is a refreshing in a genus of long-standing, with quite a few innovations (particularly the cover system) to make a worthy purchase for fans of the endless corridors.

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