SlingPlayer for iPad receives update 3.0 - adds second screen, split-screen navigation Control and much more

iPad users get ready: SlingPlayer just received its most recent update (3.0) today!

First in today's software review is an improved interface that helps users to find content that want to use special filters and third-party services. Next on the list: sports. Now find the big game, or even a small one that just really want to see, is a snap. And once that game is users can see live statistics, scores and rant / wallow in social media from directly within the application.

On the more technical side of things we have second display of Control and navigation of split-screen. "" Second Control screen allows current SlingBox customers to turn your iPad into a second screen partner of "," which is something like a super elegant remote control that can also be used to directly view the media. Navigation screen divided, on the other hand, is exactly what it seems: users can search things to see, do their job of social media and see how the sport while you while watching a video on your iPad. Good things!

SlingPlayer Desktop Update is now live and requires iOS 7.0 or later. Oh, and all of these ingenious features are only available for the United States and Canada for some reason.


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