Review of soccer heroes

Soccer heroes has a good football game at its core, but some of the missing features are murderers.

Soccer heroes play a decent game of football arcade-style, with lots of hard-hitting action (such as blows to the face) and spices things special powers. But get below the goal line because football seriously don't need as it should.

FootballHeroes-3This is arcade-style soccer. I believe that Tecmo Bowl: there is a limited selection of works to run, and choose the correct type to play against an opponent leads to a huge defensive advantage. Large catches are possible. Players can punch through the defenders and blockers, with powerful diving gear being the great equalizer: if they lose they stop the tackler high and dry, but if they gave it can stop a runner in their tracks. There are drilling a lot of attacks and even special that they can be activated every few downs that can help in all facets of the game, depending on which player is selected.

By all the punching and kicking soccer heroes you can feel chaotic, but controls do a great job in keeping abreast with this chaos. Running and run the various actions that we all feel very sensitive, and while of swipe gestures can pose problems with run them reliably, argue otherwise to tough action. The core of this football engine is well done.

The game is free-to-play, with coins earned after each game to invest in new packages of coins and players to help assemble the final team. Some are available with purchases in-app - so if players now want a new quarterback, can have for $0.99, perhaps. A Bender of currency is also available $2.99. No doubt they are there in the metagame of assembling a team, Yes, and you have a better team is the key to win. However, once the real game starts only an ad for half-time it serves as a reminder that it is free-to-play. And considering how much advertising is in the professional sport, which is very subtle.

FootballHeroes-9Game options leave a lot to be desired, though. On the one hand, there is no sense of time or any urgency to play - at the end of a medium it could come suddenly, without any sense of the warning. It would help to have a presenter to give context to the action and scenarios. AI does not behave really as it is in any trouble as the clock winds down. Missing the key strategies of football. Down late and you need the ball? What a pity, that onside there waiting times, kicks or two-point conversions. A competitive soccer game feels as such, there is much needed.

And that's the frustration of soccer heroes: there are a lot of promises and the central engine is great, but the trappings of football - the idiosyncrasy and strategies - missing? Matter much. They make heroes of football less than it should be.

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