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Sometimes realism is not as they claim to be, especially when it results in breaking the game's bugs.

If there is one thing that has led to the success of iOS, it is the Renaissance of the franchises that have not existed for millions of years. In this case – Pure Pinball series. In the observance of the Decade of the brand away from the original game, Legendo Entertainment, developer has brought the quickly forgotten and Simulator fin original Xbox PC. He hangs his hat on realism, you can get to compete with the competition through the platform, or will not be able to maintain the same level of impulse than in the past?

IMG_0193It pretty much goes without saying at this point, but iOS devices are very nearly perfect for consumption of exciting pinball experience. Pure Pinball makes a solid effort towards following this trend while it runs on some technical issues in the way. However, one thing remains very valid: when it comes to physical emulation this is a title that can hold its own. If only the base download includes more than one pinball table.

The single table first and only available in the collection so far is the new "T-Rex wild" design. Following the model of the re-creation of table collections as Pinball Arcade, this offer is reality based and contains little or no elements which could not be present at a physical table. For this reason, physical grounding plays well in the design. Having said that, sometimes it seems rather little in the way of parts set of missions and objectives.

IMG_0190An area where realism can bite a designer in the stock is in the management of the mad specific situations. For example: If a player really does give you a harder than expected ramp, the ball can fly off the field, effectively stopped all polished game. The problem is that it has not become to take into account this situation, which leaves the only possible outcome to restart the round completely and null all progress up to that point. This is not an effective way to cope with this semi frequent occurrence.

Unfortunately, there is nothing about pure Pinball as a whole which guarantees heaping praise; Apart from the physics engine. "T-Rex wild" plays pretty well but lacks the fluidity of action, make the game slow and deliberate much more than would be expected. Perhaps once more offered impressive designs table may be worth looking at, but those days are not yet here.

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