Review of Max Axe

Help Max send a lot of monsters Mystics by charting a path for its axe fly through this nice endless corridor.

Max is a barbarian. Max has one axe - several actually - and that can launch it like no one else. At the same time by rocking a beard ginger incredibly strong.

To help Max on his way through the mystical Woods, players must remove Monsters coming to slip over them — drawing a path for Max throwing his AX along. Axes can be released to anyone who is, but the most effective and rewarding is the curved shot. Taking a group of ugly at the same time with a perfect shot is quite satisfactory.

20131113-002135.jpg 20131113-002216.jpgAlthough axes can be dispensed one after the other, the speed you travel i.e. initially, which means that players will not be able to circumvent his globular enemies for a long time. Fortunately, updating the system means it won't be long until thrown axes as professionals. However what is a true barbarian without some form of battle helmet? A rusty bucket, to a helmet with horns, a Regal crown jewel, serve to keep safe the dome of Max. These unlockables, as well as the large number of available missions, will keep players busy for quite a while; at least until the woolly mammoth in any case update. Is certainly playable, only a little spectacular.

This is a game for all ages thanks to thick graphics, cartoons, new sound effects and retro cheerful melodies. There is however, no variety as a whole. The entire experience could improve a few more enemies, power-ups and perhaps a new location ten times, so I hope that this update is not too far. Even so, Max Axe is an endless runner solid with a fresco with the target system, and for the most part is a fun ride.

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