Review of fatal bullet

Taking down corrupt cops with a bullet remote in this shooter top to bottom infectious, intense and futuristic.

Deadly bullet is located in a dystopian future where corrupt police roam the streets and the only thing that can really set someone free is a bullet. It may or may not be true, I thought it sounded good.

20131113-001601.jpgIs it close enough to the premise here, since the deadly bullet is intended to shoot down as many bad guys with a single bullet as possible. Each bullet can be manipulated by the player that float on the map from its bird eye view. To activate, they need to leverage on both sides of the screen, following the directional arrows to your nearest target. The controls take a while getting used to, the real estate added screen iPad support definitely to make those final laps clear of the danger.

With 3 bullets available, players must put all officers of police at every level, seeing as each operated in a satisfactory burst of gore. It is not easy by any means, particularly due to the sensitive controls and real rhythm of the same bullet. Power-ups consist of the bullet Split (which launches a bullet look-a-like to take care of the nearest enemy), the Ultrafreeze (that decreases the time) and the Mobsucker (which literally absorbs enemies to their doom); all help to provide some relief from the action. Enemies are often on the move, putting mine sensitive to movement or shooting of missiles against the player tracking, so you can definitely be chaotic at times.

20131113-001619.jpgThe cel-shaded graphics and neon color accents look futuristic in the game, while the soundtrack of the sintetizador-pesado adds a hypnotic rhythm and a sense of urgency to the game. The way that moving the buildings in relation to the position of the bullet is also impressive. There are currently 3 available places, each of which contain 3 stages that are repeated until the Game Over. There is also a score attack mode for the lovers of the table of positions. Even so, there are only 3 levels, which is not enough to prevent the appearance of déjà vu - especially when a stage has been repeated a handful of times in the same session.

Ultimately, fatal bullet it feels like something new and exciting, even if on paper seems to be little more than a futuristic version of snake. There is a definite learning curve, but by the time the players have been given account that exceeded the already played it for the umpteenth time, and that is the point at the end of the day.

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