Review of Castle of illusion

The illusion Castle revives a classic game with modern standards.

Castle of illusion, a modern remake of the Sega Genesis platforms coup, has made a surprise landing in iOS after its release on the console and PC not long ago. It is certainly a welcome addition to the platform.

CastleOfIllusion-6East is a platform game 2.5 D containing mostly characters along a 2D drawing, but where is possible to move 3D pop up and moments are parts of some of the moments more fresh game - like a puzzle where players must discover if they are running on the tiles are fake or not look in a mirror. So no, it is not just a paint job directly in the original game. They have modernized, but still have enough of that classic flavor. This is not only in appearance: many of the enemies and bosses original are still here in some form, but the game has symbols of a type platforms of 16-bit 8-bit and principles. There is that feeling of stiffness to the way in which levels are arranged and prepared making that it has enough of an ancient feeling while you feel loose and new.

As a game that originated as a console and PC title, flash and the Polish really pass. The game looks fantastic in the Retina displays, runs smoothly and is incredibly detailed. This is a fantastic job port. The use of controls a virtual joystick which is, well, a virtual joystick - a little loose but does a good job in the process. Having the ability to hit anywhere to jump and just press a button to launch projectiles help to keep things simple and effective. Even so, gamepad support would be fantastic.

CastleOfIllusion-7Castle of illusion is not necessarily too difficult, but put a bit of resistance to the players who have to take some care in trying to cope with the levels. Their platforms can be difficult and their boss fights require a little patience. Again, is that great blend between the old ways of doing things and new to this game absolutely nails.

I hope to see more games like this in iOS for multiple reasons. One: I like games that mix enough of retro and modern mechanics and aesthetics to get the best of both worlds. Two: as a game for consoles and PC, and selling at a price cheaper than those platforms, but more expensive than the price of games for mobile, this helps mature the platform as a whole. There is much which like Castle of illusion, and it is worth picking up.

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