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Application of time Planner is a productivity application very well presented that allows great flexibility around events and planning tasks.

"They bring diversity in their lives," says planner of the time, with his promises to make life easier, giving its users the ability to plan your day, month, week, or year of the way want. An application of utility for users of iOS, Planner time replaces the regular schedule and instead use offers a more agile and productive event, scheduling, or meeting in the most efficient manner possible.

IMG_1580IMG_1579Weather Planner is easy to configure and divides events and tasks planned in different categories established under various rich, colorful and vibrant presented the submenus. Create an event or task is as simple as take advantage of the new tab marked clearly on the bottom left of the menu list and fill in the required information. Time periods for tasks and events are divided into two categories - planned and real - with both giving the customer the flexibility to work their way into your day however long. However, tasks can only be adjusted in increments of five minutes but alert can be adjusted to a specific timetable to the minute. This, however, is a bit delicate for some unknown reason (at least one have not worked out yet) don't seem to always alert in the designated slot and occasionally you can get out for a few minutes more or less, it can be a bit annoying.

Planner time what I like is its ability to set alerts for events based on location and remind users of a task in a specific area when it is close. This can be useful for those who need to remember to enter a certain shop on the road, for example. In addition, each created task is synchronized to iCloud so that information is easily transferable, although there is also the option of importing email, print a detailed report of the tasks or view a detailed PDF report.

IMG_1582IMG_1583The beautiful thing is that time scheduler will automatically display a breakdown of all events through graphics that show a summary of actual vs. Planned results. This can help to give each user the advantage of organizing their best time, with different tables for the evaluation of the efficiency that can be used to assess the areas to focus more time.

As elegantly presented time Planner, my only complaint is that, at the time of writing, are not integrated with calendar adjusted too well. As a result, it can look a bit cluttered. It is more likely that this application was designed to be independent, so it may be preferable to one or the other, although in addition to the themes of mild alert time Planner functionality certainly surpass other applications of productivity in terms of style, design and flexibility. Better, there are plans for the iPad version to be released in December, which will be smooth and free of problems of synchronization between iOS devices.

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