MacGuffin Quest Review

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Switch between three characters in this somewhat entertaining yet ultimately grind-heavy/expensive roguelike.

Offering Roguelike qualities, MacGuffin Quest is a suitably fun if in-app purchase heavy title. Don’t expect an easy ride though. Much like an arcade game, there’s that sneaky suspicion that the game really wants you to spend money in order to succeed.

macguffin6Essentially, MacGuffin Quest offers near unlimited gameplay given that it includes plenty of different levels, each randomized for maximum variety. Of course, that does mean that some stages can seem a little samey by sticking to a familiar setting and look, but that’s a common quibble within the genre. Each level is completed by finding a mysterious MacGuffin item before running to the exit within a brief period of time. Adding a bit of peril is a neat touch, with said MacGuffins leading to the acquisition of new equipment.

Rather than being restricted to just one character, players get to switch between three different characters. Comprising of a knight, archer, and wizard, each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. The knight is a general all-rounder, while the other two favor long-range attacks rather than risking getting up close and personal.

Movement and combat is dictated by tapping on the screen, either to an empty tile or at an enemy in order to start attacking. It’s straightforward enough with the player merely watching the battle unfold, only able to hit the heal or shield button to actually change much. Both skills are available in limited numbers, with more purchasable for a price. That price being the premium currency of gems which affect a lot of the game.

macguffin4Gems also go towards healing and reviving players after each stage, and come in handy very early on. Indeed, to get anywhere in the game, players are either going to have to pay up or grind a lot in order to gain enough money for new gear.

It’s a simple enough premise and MacGuffin Quest does partially work, but it’s going to turn expensive for most who want to really progress. That’s a little off-putting when considering investing any significant time into it, but otherwise it’s a reasonably well made title.

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