KidZui provides children with a safe and fun Internet browsing experience

Posted by Andrew Stevens on November 18, 2013
only the iPad app - designed for the iPad

KidZui is a safe browser for new children of Saban Brands, providing a safe internet experience for web sites, online, photos and games more than 6 million videos. It is designed for a fun experience and safe internet for children, giving them the entertainment and security you need.

"After months of preparation, planning and research, are delighted with the results of the updated version of KidZui and are delighted with the launch of the first mobile application KidZui," said Ryan Bettencourt, VP of Online for Saban brands, in a press release. "It is important that we continue to keep the Internet safe for children but also makes it fun and easy to use. "The mobile app expands the parameters of KidZui, providing parents with the same guarantees both at home and on the road".


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