Chicken boy review

Becomes idem, but no longer throw fruit at monsters in hen to be quite entertaining.

Chicken Boy is a game to prioritize what is most important at any given time. On the surface it may seem that a game focused on throw fruit into monsters, but seriously, is a lesson in what order to tackle problems on. Probably. Then is a bit of both and, indeed, hen turn slightly boring after a while. Not it to be something fun, however.

chickenboy6Taking the role of chicken itself, players must defend a helpless girl from attack by various monsters. This is done by launching different kinds of fruit in them. It is fairly easy to do - with a reticle to wherever it goes it's finger, and exploitation said finger to the screen affects the power in which the fruit is produced.

Will take it seconds to learn, but doesn't necessarily make an easy game hen. As one progresses through the stages, things are more difficult with waves growing in size and boss battles also offers. Fortunately, it is possible to upgrade the power of fruits as well as unlock new types to help things. Bananas, for example, act as a boomerang - always returning to the player and thus twice as much damage to anything in its path. Mines also can be used as a defense of last-cry of amazement and certainly later prove useful.

chickenboy5However, the issue with chicken is that you things turn repetitive after a while. There could be new fruit gradually unlocked, but the core gameplay remains the same lengthwise. Leads to a title that is best enjoyed at levels more than an excess of gaming, otherwise the superficiality it becomes all too sensitive. At least it's strangely satisfying to see a piece of fruit high power to knock out a flying beast.

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