LockInfo Style Theme for IOS5

Hello, I'm bringing the whole subject a more stylish IOS 3.x LockInfo 5 for a really cool skin that keeps the look of the notifications of IOS 5 on the lock screen to install it must follow a set of instructions.

To install this theme you have to have Jailbreak your device and have installed LockInfo 3.x, the theme files you have to climb or SSH or some type application i-Funbox.

Tutorial to add item 5 in LockInfo IOS:

Download theme LockInfo IOS5 1.2 Style

    * Http://depositfiles.com/files/h63hohd8b
    * Http://www.fileserve.com/file/kNDNxqe

Accessed via SSH or a similar program

Put the folders "IOS5 LockScreen" and "IOS5 InfoShade" (which are within. Rar) in the directory

    * Library / LockInfo / Themes.

Put the folder "LockInfo iOS5.theme" in the directory

    * Private / var / stash / themes and activate the theme in Winterboard.

In Settings / LockInfo / Lockscreen / Select Theme, choose the theme "IOS5 LockScreen."
In Settings / LockInfo / InfoShade / Select Theme, choose the theme "IOS5 InfoShade."

After copying all the files you have to change some settings in LockInfo Settings to display the theme properly:

In Settings / LockInfo / Appearance, select: small font size and header size extra large.

In Settings / LockInfo / InfoShade / Appearance, sliders "Section Headers" and "Background" all right and slider "Section Cells" everything to the left.

In Settings / LockInfo / Lockscreen / Appearance, the slider "Section Headers" all right and slider "Background" to the far left.

In Settings / LockInfo / Additions / LockWeather, activate the "Theme background"

Echo Once this should see the issue properly in the lock screen.