iPhone 5 Rumors World in Conflict: "New" Information from Bloomberg

In the meantime we can report daily on the latest iPhone 5 rumors and speculation around the Apple

According to Boy Genius Report itself expresses this time, the renowned magazine Bloomberg to the upcoming Apple phone. However, the information from Bloomberg are in direct contradiction to our article published yesterday.

Boy Genius reported about a possible introduction of the Apple phone as early as mid / late August, dampens the news magazine the budding excitement now and again discussed the already known from previous reports her date of September.

The corresponding wants Bloomberg News have brought in experience from two different sources. Likewise, the news magazine brings again the rumors already known on the table, which proceed of owning the next-generation iPhone, an 8-megapixel camera and an A5-chip. This should make for a not insignificant boost in speed in the Smartphone from Cupertino.

The iPhone 5 should be according to the data compiled by Bloomberg delivered directly to the five new IOS operating system. In addition, the Mac maker also reportedly working on a cheaper iPhone version, so the magazine. Similar reports on this topic have been loud in February.

It remains still exciting.