iPhone 4G Display with Highest Resolution at 960 x 640 Pixels

The upcoming iPhone 4G will set new standards in terms of displays in mobile phones. According to recent rumors, the new iPhone 4G through the display with the highest ever resolution that ever came to a smartphone used. Compared with the current iPhone 3G, this represents a doubling smooth.

While by the discovery of the iPhone prototype at a U.S. bar a few details about the new Apple smartphone is already known, the technical characteristics of the panel were still unclear. The Czech site is now under superiphone.cz own an iPhone 4G display information was leaked. Using a microscope, the Czechs have examined in detail, the present display.

The Czechs have found here that the display of the iPhone 4G will be used technically with the iPad display and will be equipped with IPS technology. An IPS-display allows more colors and a wider viewing angle. The analysis of the resolution came from the makers superiphone.cz to a pixel density of 320 ppi, ie 320 pixels per inch. Extrapolating this figure high on the whole display - the next iPhone 4G display measures 3.5 inches - so this gives a resolution of 960 times 640 pixels.

The current iPhone 3G, like its two predecessors, a resolution of 480 by 320 pixels, which correspond to the values of a smooth and duplication of a record. So far impressed, above all Android phones, such as the Nexus One, with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. The doubling of display resolution while retaining the aspect ratio offers additional benefits. Apps that were originally developed for earlier versions of iPhone can be scaled up very slightly, in particular, the software should please developers.